Las Vegas – A History

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Las Vegas, Sin City, The Gambling Capital of the World…You know the names, but do you know the story?

Las Vegas Valley, or The Meadows in English, was first founded in 1829, but the city itself was not established until 1905. The area first began to boom with the construction of the Hoover Dam, and gambling was legalized in 1931 by the state legislature.

After World War II, Las Vegas turned into an attraction for entertainment and gambling, and tourism soared.

In the 1960’s, corporations began to build and buy casino and hotel properties. The movement, led by Howard Hughes, brought Las Vegas to the forefront of the casino business. The city’s culture grew into what it is today – the place to escape your worries and fears! You can throw away everything – even just for a few days. (And we all need that, every now and then.)

They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but are you willing to share a few of your stories?

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